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WHO Triple Billion

World Health Organization:

One in a billion

One billion is a big number. Three billion is even bigger. For audiences it can be hard to connect with and comprehend what these numbers actually mean. And with no connection, it can be difficult to feel inspired to take action.


When WHO launched its ambitious Triple Billion Targets strategy in 2018 they wanted to find a way to rally audiences – government, policy makers and the general public – to get on board, get involved and show their support.


The Triple Billion Targets are part of the WHO’s ambitious new five year strategy which aims to ensure that by 2023 one billion more people have access to health services, one billion more are kept safer from outbreaks and emergencies, and another billion are living overall healthier lives.

So how do you start to connect audiences to these numbers and the vision behind them?

Our theory is that you start with one. One story of one person impacted by the achievement of one goal. And you cast the vision from there.

So that’s what we did. We looked at each of the targets and researched one story that would represent the success of achieving each of the triple billion targets. We wanted the stories to be relatable and authentic so that even though we were filming with actors, the stories would be as real as possible, and audiences could follow up and discover the true-life stories that served as the inspiration for each of the narrative threads in the video.

The tight timeframes on this project meant that traveling around to the different countries was not an option, but South Africa is an incredible country to cast a global story. We have cityscapes, seascapes and slum-scapes, and just about every nationality under the sun. So we took that advantage and ran with it, filming the whole video at various locations in and around the Rooftop offices. In the editing phase, we added in some WHO country b-roll for extra authenticity, and we had several staff members at WHO confused about exactly how we managed to travel around the world in 2 days!

The final video was released on WHO social media channels including Facebook and Youtube and has achieved a large amount of positive engagement from audiences around the world. This project was a huge leap for the WHO, who traditionally had focused on more journalism and interview-driven content. The success of the project has shown that even the most serious and corporate content can be covered through creative storytelling giving it a chance to reach and connect with more audiences around the world.