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Creating impact in everything we do

For the last fifteen years, Rooftop has been producing content and strategic solutions that matter for a growing and prestigious international client base with an increasing focus on pro-social, human rights and development issues, all pivotal to building a sustainable and peaceful future. We are experienced working with private sector clients as well as their corporate social responsibility teams, NGOs, Foundations and complex multilateral organizations.
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What we do


Pushing the boundaries by meeting the highest industry standards for strategic solutions, content, design, and data visualization projects.


Worldwide Video and Animation production focused on telling stories that matter


Development of E-Learning packages,  video-based learning content, web and mobile-based applications. Learning that matters


Interactive VR and AR solutions to immerse in what matters

What clients say about us

Time and again, Rooftop have come through for UNICEF, generating some amazing projects along the way that have not only gone viral via social media, but been used as advocacy tools for change associated with the key issues UNICEF supports.

Nicholas Ledner, Communication Officer, Brand Section, UNICEF HQ

The Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF) has contracted Rooftop for several large productions over the past year. Each time they have performed above and beyond our expectations and what was required by our purchase agreement. Their customer service, adaptability, and willingness to creatively problem solve to ensure success of the project is absolutely their most valuable asset.

      Drew Slattery, Communications Manager, Global Environment and Technology Fund (GETF)

Rooftop not only delivered to technical specifications, they created something that was emotive, powerful and a true showcase for the transformative effect that mobile can have.

      Phillip Ramgobin, Advocacy Marketing Specialist, GSMA

Rooftop clearly work very well as a team and are so friendly, courteous and professional at all times. The creativity of the work has also been deeply impressive. I am most excited to share what we have worked on together with UNICEF around the world as well as the general public.

      Nicola Simmonds, Consultant Producer, UNICEF

Our Clients