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At Rooftop, we’re passionate about finding and telling the stories that help change the world. We partner with high profile brands and NGO’s globally who are making a difference, helping them extend their influence through strategic digital storytelling that is not only creative, but effective.


With a full in-house team of dedicated creative specialists, we focus on strategic content development from concept through to delivery, ensuring effective audience targeting and brand engagement that delivers measurable results.

Latest Work

  • UNICEF Born Into Danger NGO
    UNICEF Born Into Danger
  • GSMA Transforming Woman Animation
    GSMA Transforming Woman
  • Profmed Television
  • UNICEF Chad Child Marriage NGO
    UNICEF Chad Child Marriage
  • Getbucks Burger Television
    Getbucks Burger
  • Sasol Careers
    Sasol Careers

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Talented Team

  • Richard Ahlfeldt
    Business Director / Co-Founder
    Richard Ahlfeldt
    Business Director / Co-Founder

    I’m an entrepreneur, adventurer and a passionate storyteller. Tackling challenges and solving problems inspire me. I love seeing ideas turning into concepts that impact people’s lives.

    When I am not involved in developing ideas for our clients, I am spending time with my family and camping, paddling, hiking and travelling whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

  • James Scholtz
    Business Director / Co-Founder
    James Scholtz
    Business Director / Co-Founder

    I’m an entrepreneur at heart, seeing Rooftop grow from a garage startup into an organization that has almost 30 employees and producing content on the global stage has been an absolute joy!

    I LOVE the outdoors (too many activities to mention), travel, aeroplanes, adventures in any form, playing music and endurance events. I’m particularly passionate about coffee, with a home collection of 9 coffee machines!

    I’ve been married for 10 years and am a dad to two young children. I’ve completed 2 full Ironman events, as well as the Transbaviaans; a 230km (143mile) single stage mountain bike race. My next physical feat will be the Comrades marathon, an 89km (55 mile) ultra distance marathon!

    I believe the power of video and mobile technology can change the world and I want to be a part of making that happen!

  • Denna Jones
    Head of Agency
    Denna Jones
    Head of Agency

    I’m passionate about travelling, good coffee, and great stories. As a producer, I love working with clients, identifying what they wish to communicate and then working with our incredible creative team to figure out the best way to bring that across in a video.

    I also love being out on location around the world, meeting new people and hearing their amazing stories.

  • Nick Waring
    Head of Production
    Nick Waring
    Head of Production

    I'm a husband, a son, a brother and a dad. Family is important to me, especially our Rooftop family which I get to help lead, direct and guide through the thrilling process of film making.

    We get to take simple and sometimes complex ideas and craft and shape them to birth a real story that matters.

    Sometimes when I’m sitting on my board out in the ocean waiting for a wave, it dawns on me that tomorrow I get to go in to work with an incredible team and tell amazing stories, and I get to do this as my job - it’s awesome!

  • Scott Kelly
    Art Director
    Scott Kelly
    Art Director

    Scott Kelly an expert in 2D motion graphics, is the Creative Director in the Animation Department at Rooftop. Prior to working at Rooftop, Scott worked as Creative Director for Fly Piggy Fly, as well as a Senior Designer at Boomtown. He has a BTech Degree in Graphic Design and won the 2010 Design Indaba Vespa Take One Competition.

    He enjoys the outdoors; hobbies include camping, running and mountain biking.

  • Tom Collins
    Creative Director
    Tom Collins
    Creative Director

    I see it as no coincidence that my professional career as a filmmaker began when I decided to no longer shave my beard. Since then, I've had six crazy and unpredictable years following my passion (filmmaking... not beards) which, ironically, culminated in me working on the set of Vikings in Dublin in 2016.

    Now back in South Africa, I'm stoked to be part of a great team here at Rooftop as a director.

  • Kyle Lucas
    Kyle Lucas

    I got my first camera when I was 14, and since then I’ve always had a camera in my hands. Over time they have gotten bigger and better (then smaller and better), but little has changed about my passion to make a difference. Sometimes that takes me to a rural village on the other side of the continent or sometimes to a large-scale TV commercial set, but the ultimate goal is always the same; to tell an emotive and informative story that connects with the viewer.

    Observers Paradox says: "You can’t observe life without changing it" I would expand on that saying "you can’t observe life without it changing you"

  • Andrea Goosen
    Content Strategy
    Andrea Goosen
    Content Strategy

    The endangered, semi-nocturnal Scriptwriter can be observed brewing up ideas, navigating the murky depths of content strategy, and concocting wordsmithery of all kinds… When venturing out of her writing cave, she may be seen dabbling in nature photography, attempting sketchy art projects, frolicking at the beach and in the snow when she can find it. 

  • Michelle Drake
    Michelle Drake

    Producer by trade. Creative at heart. Slayer on the drums.

    Champion communicator so you’ll never be in the dark with your productions’ progress. Problem solver (Sudoku puzzles beware). Insightful (wearer of spectacles). Collaborator (team work, yeah!). Yoga lover and therefore flexible to client’s needs. Fantastic sense of humor (clearly).

  • Candice Barron
    Candice Barron

    Soul singer, crazy dancer to loud music, fashion enthusiast, avid foodie, lover of the outdoors (when it's sunny) and laugher-out-loud 🙂

    I'm an enthusiastic, creative, problem-solving, people-loving Producer. I am passionate about creating extraordinary work, whatever it takes. Being hospitable, coordinating and going out of my way to look after clients and colleagues is what I do best.

    Soli Deo Gloria.

  • Ashley Reid
    Motion Graphic Editor
    Ashley Reid
    Motion Graphic Editor

    Ashley Reid, a virtuoso in graphic design, is a 2D animator at Rooftop Productions since 2013.
    After studying Graphic Design at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Ashley now specializes in creating storyboards, developing graphic styles and animating it all to the client’s satisfaction.

    When he is not in front of his computer screen, he can be found on set as an assistant director making sure everything runs smoothly and according to schedule.

  • Brett Gieseke
    Cinematographer & Editor
    Brett Gieseke
    Cinematographer & Editor

    I'm a cinematographer and video editor with a background in graphic design and advertising.

    I love working on set and being part of the magic that happens when we're able to transform the ordinary into a new reality on screen. 

    My visual / story telling inspirations include: Jurassic Park (the original), the Bourne series, Hugo, Avatar, Man on Fire, Lord of the Rings.

    In my spare time I'm a guitarist with a passion for rock and there's always time for a little bit of b-ball to unwind.


  • Edwin Toi
    3D Animator
    Edwin Toi
    3D Animator

    I am a 3D generalist with a diverse range of skills from modelling to compositing.  I have a great love for character animation and the ability to "breathe" life into something (which is essentially made out of data), drives my passion forward.  I also delve in Motion Graphics, with my roots being in Graphic Design.  When not render wrangling, I enjoy slapping the bass, drawing, reading fantasy novels, watching anime and spending time with my family.

  • Jeremy King
    Cinematographer & Editor
    Jeremy King
    Cinematographer & Editor

    I am a cinematographer and editor at Rooftop Productions. I have a passion for people and visual story telling. I love to travel, surf and I am always up for an adventure. Yeehaw!

  • Marie Quinn
    Office Administrator
    Marie Quinn
    Office Administrator

    I was born and raised in Johannesburg but have happily been living in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth for 15 years now. 

    I am the Admin & HR Manager and have been a part of the Rooftop Team since 2010. 

    I am passionate about family, friends, cars, planes, sports and reading but most of all absolutely love cooking & baking and get lost in my recipe books!

  • David Emery
    Content Writer
    David Emery
    Content Writer

    I am part of the concept development team. I assist in taking ideas and briefs from clients, developing a concept, message and story and fleshing that out into a script.

    About me:

    I’m a voracious reader. The only thing I enjoy more than telling stories is reading them. I am an avid tabletop and board gamer, and enjoy camping and water sports when I get the chance (and don’t have my nose buried in a book or board game).

    I write in my spare time, and love to travel and explore the history, culture and food of wherever I am.

    What I love about Rooftop:

    I find it incredibly exciting to work in such a thriving and dynamic creative environment with people who share my passion for storytelling, who all obviously care so much about what they do and take great pride in their work.

  • James Jones
    Cinematographer & Editor
    James Jones
    Cinematographer & Editor

    I am an Editor and Cinematographer at Rooftop, that loves to live an active and diverse lifestyle.

    I live life with ants in my pants and just want to be on the move, creating and enjoying whatever I do.

    I am extremely fond of sports, and absolutely love travelling and experiencing new cultures, landscapes and entertainment.

    I love photography and tend to see life through a cameras lens at most times and that gets me so excited to capture moments and the beauty that's all around us.

  • Gavin Wilmers
    Motion Graphic Editor
    Gavin Wilmers
    Motion Graphic Editor

    Apart from hunting aliens, Gavin does motion graphics, compositing and color grading for Rooftop.

    His life-threatening skill at motion design, compositing, color grading and ping pong has all been self-taught over the past 5 years with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection.


  • Tina Mapoma
    Tina Mapoma

    Tina, the number one lady for fresh, clean and happy offices. On a daily basis, I wash hundreds of coffee cups. I love to clean, except lunchboxes, I hate lunchboxes. I enjoy spending time with my son and looking after my home.

    I am miraculously able to revive dying plants in and around the offices. 

    I’ve been a part of the Rooftop family since 2004. Affectionately known as Mama Bush!

  • Thuli Mdabula
    Thuli Mdabula

    Known as the friendly face of Rooftop!

    I’m potentially your first point of contact when you call or visit our office. I'm passionate about education and tutor maths in my spare time. My hobbies include reading, music and practising yoga.

  • Taryn Bigge
    Production Co-Ordinator
    Taryn Bigge
    Production Co-Ordinator

    My role includes Project Coordination, Administration and Team. I organize various elements related to Filming, Travel and Team Events, as well as Office Improvements from time to time. It's great working in a creative environment, where every day brings about new challenges, strategies and successes.

    I am a mom of 2 (soon to be 3) little girls and I love sewing, horse riding, spending time with family and friends and drinking tea!

    I love travelling and have visited a total of 18 countries, all over the world, so far...

  • Robert Barron
    Sound Engineer
    Robert Barron
    Sound Engineer

    My beautiful wife and I are privileged to live in South Africa and to be on the Rooftop team together.  Audio adventures started for me in the 90’s, as a kid at church playing with tape recorders and electronic drums.  I have never tired of manipulating sound waves since. Soli Deo Gloria. 

    Over the years my musical tastes and abilities have both become less disappointing (thank goodness) - soul, jazz and funk are now my favourites. I also like food. Almost too much. Particularly Jamaican cuisine and food from the East (both near and far).  

    My less glamorous passions include customer service excellence, project management and effective communication.

  • Fanjan Combrink
    Lighting & Grip
    Fanjan Combrink
    Lighting & Grip

    I work as Rooftop's Gaffer, meaning I'm responsible for the technical aspects of lighting a scene, from power distribution to safety, working closely with the Director and DOP. Capturing still and motion pictures is about capturing light, I find immense pleasure in finding solutions to lighting problems in order to create mood and atmosphere that helps tell the story. My hobbies are film photography, electronics, and generally making things that solve problems. I love being on set.

  • Lulama Godlo
    Production Assistant
    Lulama Godlo
    Production Assistant

    I love that every day is different and I get to travel and meet different people. I'm a positive enthusiastic person and I'm easy to work with.

    I love making videos and taking photos, music and acting in my spare time.


  • Gerda Bonny
    Financial Manager
    Gerda Bonny
    Financial Manager

    "Accountant by day, brave bard by night”. Proud mama of three wonderful kids and two adorable bunnies. Just another slave to the mundane who compensates by living an extraordinary life in her head.

    Also loves books, hedgehogs and the odd 4x4 adventure.

  • Brennan Strydom
    Junior Animator
    Brennan Strydom
    Junior Animator

    To stimulate my passion for creativity and innovation I began to explore these avenues through Motion Graphics. Besides preparing daily for a potential zombie outbreak, I enjoy music, playing drums, table tennis and coffee; but mostly coffee.

    Motion Graphics is by far my favourite hobby and I will continue to pursue this passion by bettering myself and my skills.

  • John Teichert
    Camera / Editor Intern
    John Teichert
    Camera / Editor Intern

    I cannot thank God enough for the amazing opportunity to be part of the Rooftop team as a cinematographer and editor. Telling stories that matter and impacting lives through my passion of film is truly a dream come true.

    Every day here brings an opportunity for me to learn, grow and experience new adventures.

  • Jenna Deysel
    Jenna Deysel

    When I found out I would get an opportunity to work as an intern for the company of my dreams I cried. It is a blessing from the Lord to be taught by these incredible people who share wisdom, laughter and of themselves daily. I’m forever thankful for this.

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